3GPP Third Generation Partnership Program

ABAC Attribute-based access control

AFCEA Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

APA Administrative Procedure Act

APCO Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials

APCO 25 Project 25

AQD Acquisition Services Directorate

ARP Allocation and Retention Priority

AVL Automatic Vehicle Locator

AWS Advanced Wireless Services

BAN Broadband Access Network (Same as RAN)

BTOP Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

CAD Computer Aided Dispatch

CAPEX Capital Expenditure

CASM Communications Asset Survey and Mapping

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access

CIO Chief Information Officer

CJIS Criminal Justice Information Services

CLA Covered Leasing Agreement

COLT Cell (Tower) on Light Trucks

COW Cell (Tower) On Wheels

DACA Deployable Aerial Communications Architecture

DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

DEM Department of Emergency Management

DHS Department of Homeland Security

Diff Serve Differentiated Service

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

DMR Digital Mobile Radio

DMS Department of Management Services

DNS Domain Name System

DoC Department of Commerce

DoD Department of Defense

DoI Department of Interior

DRA Diameter Routing Agent

DSOC Domestic Security Oversight Council

ECPC Emergency Communications Preparedness Center

EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

eNB Evolved NodeB or E-UTRAN Node B

EPC Evolved Packet Core

EPS Evolved Packet System

E-UTRAN Evolved Universal Terrestrial Access Network

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAR Part 12 Acquisition of Commercial Items

FAR Part 15 Contracting by Negotiation

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FFO Federal Funding Opportunity

FICEMS Federal Interagency Committee on EMS

FirstNet First Responders Network Authority

FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act

FSLTT Federal, State, Local, Tribal & Territorial

GAO Government Accountability Office

GIS Geographic Information System

GPRS General Packet Radio Services

GPS Global Positioning System

GSM Global System for Mobile Communications (or Groupe Social Mobile)

HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

HSGP Homeland Security Grant Program

HSIN Homeland Security Information Network

IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police

IAFC International Association of Fire Chiefs

IBC Interior Business Center

IBW In-building Wireless

ICAM Identity, Credential, and Access Management

ICTAP Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program

IDIQ Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quality

IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity

I/O Interoperability

IOC Initial Operational Capability

IoE Internet of Everything

ISO/IEC International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission

IT Information Technology

ITA International Trade Administration

ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library

IVR In-vehicle router

IWCE International Wireless Communications Expo

LMR Land Mobile Radio

LTE Long Term Evolution

MACINAC The Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Interoperable Nationwide Advanced Communications

MAM Mobile application management

MCCA Major Cities Chiefs Association

MCPTT Mission Critical Push to Talk

MCU Mobile Communications Unit (Deployables)

MCV Mission Critical Voice

MDM Mobile device management

MDST Mobile Data Survey Tool

MMI Man-Machine Interface

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator

NACo National Association of Counties

NASCIO National Association of State Chief Information Officers

NASEMSO National Association of State EMS Officials

NCSWIC National Council of Statewide Interoperable Coordination

NEMSIS National EMS Information System

NEMSMA National EMS Management Association

NG911 Next Generation 911

NGA National Governors Association

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology

NLC National League of Cities

NOC Network Operations Center

NPSBN Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

NPSTC National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

NSA National Sheriffs' Association

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration

OAC Operator Advisory Committee

OEC Office of Emergency Communications

OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access

OPEX Operational Expenditure (or Expense)

OPSC Office of Public Safety Communications

P25 Project 25

PCI Payment Card Industry

PCII Protected Critical Infrastructure Information

PEIS Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

PMI Project Management Institute

PPP Public Private Partnerships

PSAC Public Safety Advisory Committee

PSAP Public Safety Answering Points

PSBN Public Safety Broadband Network

PSCR Public Safety Communications Research

PSE Public Safety Entity

PSEN Public Safety Enterprise Network

PSIC Public Safety Interoperable Communications

PSST Public Safety Spectrum Trust

PSTN Public Switched Telephone System

PTO Patent and Trademark Office

PUC Public Utility Commissions

QCI Quality Class Indicator

QPP Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemeption

RAN Radio Access Network

RECCWG4 Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group - Region IV

RFC Request for comment

RFI Request for information

RFP Request for Proposal

RFQ Request for Quote

RMTR Recommended Minimum Technical Requirements

RUS U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service

SBDD State Broadband Data and Development

SBI State Broadband Initiative

SCADA System control and data acquisition

SCIP Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan

SDP Service Delivery Platform

SHSGP State Homeland Security Grant Program

SIEM Security information and event management

SLA Service Level Agreement

SLERS Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System

SLIGP State and Local Implementation Grant Program

SMS Short Messaging Service

SOC Security Operations Center

SOO Statement of objectives

SOP Standard Operational Procedure

SOR Statement of Requirements

SOW System on Wheels

SPOC State's Single Point of Contact

SWIC Statewide Interoperability Coordinator

TAB Technical Advisory Board

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access

TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio (fka Trans-European Trunked Radio)

TIA Telecommunications Industry Association

TICP Tactical Interoperable Communication Plan

TTI Transmission Time Interval

UASI Urban Areas Security Initiative

UE User Equipment

UICC Universal Integrated Circuit Card

UMTS Universal Mobile Terrestrial System

USB Universal Serial Bus

USCM US Conference of Mayors

VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol

VNS Vehicular network system